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[5 posts you may have missed]

[weekend reading for you]

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, you have your laptop/iPAD/smart phone with you in that lounge chair so you can pretend you’re working. But work is so boring! Read these posts instead.

[stay stupid]

I read a blog last year entitled “Stay Stupid” and it stopped me in my tracks. Because someone from the largest marketing agency in the world told a audience of savvy advertisers that it’s actually smarter not to know everything. Note: Every week I think about why this advice is so useful.

[how to position anyone or anything]

If you’re rethinking–or even over-thinking–how to market your organization or yourself, try boiling your mission down to its essence by answering these three questions. Note: This little formula really helps.

[pray, write, repeat]

I just watched a wonderful video of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Her talk about the nature of creativity, and the struggle of creative people, is incredibly moving. Here’s my brief take on finding inspiration in work. Note: Link to very inspiring video.

[truth in blogging]

A lot of bloggers are selling you something. Not surprised? Most of them are up-front about it, but those that aren’t will have to deal with the FTC. Note: My favorite blog photo of all time.

[writers on trial]

If you’ve ever written anything that had to be reviewed by committee, you know it can be painful. And when the team gets together for group review meetings, it can feel like a jury trial. Here are some ideas for how to keep your cool and make these review sessions more productive. Note: Of course, everybody goes through this, not just writers.

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Thanks, Claire, for curating this content! Believe it or not, I actually will read these over the weekend looking for inspiration. Well, maybe this afternoon. I hope you have a good weekend yourself.


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Thanks, Anne. I see your own blog in my inbox so I will reciprocate!


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