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[any authors in the house? resources about publishing]

I actually became a published author last week. I’ll tell you more about that later. First, let’s talk about resources to help you make your book idea a reality through commercial publishing or self-publishing, on paper or in digital form.

I just read that 200 million Americans want to write a book.

Based on the increasing flow of information for authors I’ve noticed in social media channels, I believe it. The primary message I’m hearing? These days you have to start creating buzz even before you get published. And that’s true for best-selling authors and unknowns alike.

Even after you get a contract, it’s up to you to promote your own book through social media and other publicity channels. If you’re wealthy, you might hire a publicist. If you’re not, read on.

Plenty of authors, publicists, and agents are blogging about things you need to know.

I’ve only begun to skim the surface but I’ve found some great advice. Please browse these sites, read the blogs, listen to the podcasts, and explore the other links they provide.

And now, my published work. (Drum roll, please.)

It’s called Boob Stories. Yes, you read that right. It’s a collection of stories conceived, collected, and published by writer (and now “author”) Princess Jones. Her idea:

Get a bunch of women (and men!) to talk about boobs. Keep the overhead low. Put it together in an ebook. Sell it this fall and give every penny of profit to Cancer and Careers, a charity that helps cancer patients and survivors navigate the workplace.

This little book is only $5. Please consider buying it and supporting women and their families through some very tough times.

Are you a published author or do you know one? What are your promotion strategies? I’d appreciate hearing about it in the comments or via email: claire@wagnerwrites.com.

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