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Commentary | May 25, 2010 | 5 Comments

[blog commentspam]

[“thanks very good for report, I follow your blog”]

I really appreciate comments on my blog posts. Thanks to everyone who’s dropped me a line—it’s great to know you’re out there.

Apparently, my writing is also appreciated by people (or computers?) who leave random garbled comments and list URLs related mainly to selling designer knock-offs. I think they just want to get their URLs posted on blog sites, but if you have any other ideas, please share.

Some of the site names are funny but I’m not printing them here. They might actually be selling designer shoes or medications, or the sites might just be places to park viruses.

My blog comments are “moderated,” meaning that they have to be read and approved personally by me. I mark these as Spam and they get deleted. But I‘ve copied a few gems for you—exactly as written—so you can have a laugh on me. Fortunately, everything said (so far) has been very positive.

This was the most cogent, from someone selling shoes. It was one of the first I received and it nearly tricked me until I read the URL.

Great article, thank you very much!

From someone selling designer handbags:

i am happy to find it thanks for sharing it here. Nice work.


From someone selling jerseys (t-shirts):


Great article, i

hope can know much information About it!

The same comment appeared again a month later from another email address related to Armani.

From someone named Panic Attacks, who is selling medication. Do they think I’m a travel writer?

Good journey and experience!

From another hard-working shoe salesperson:

Great sharing this.

From someone selling Burberry sunglasses. (They need sunglasses to sell with their raincoats?)

One again, your idea is very

good.thank you!very much.

A personal favorite from someone whose URL includes the words “emo boys.” They really took some time to craft a personal statement:

i very enjoy all your writing way, very remarkable.
don’t quit as well as keep creating due to the fact it simply well worth to follow it.
looking forward to look over much of your current web content, have a pleasant day!

I am taking his/her advice to heart and will not quit because, yes, it is well worth to follow it. By the way, you can follow my blog by clicking on the Subscribe button over on the right. Have a pleasant day! And, in the words of another commenter:

really appreciate YOU — thanks a lot!

Feel free to share any of your own commentspam here if you wish.

Author: Claire Wagner

I'm a seasoned freelance writer/editor and an enthusiastic community manager. I'm passionate about developing and sharing good content.


This just in from another well-known sunglasses company–

“great experience, dude! thanks for this great post wow… it’s very wonderful report.”

Back atcha, dude!




Hey Grammar Queen, your blog is like way cool, thank you! Oops, that sentence actually makes sense with no misspellings. Hmmm, should Grammar Queen be capitilized? 🙂




Love this!! Just rec’d a lengthy Nigerian letter today and decided to respond in kind with a bit about weighing 660 lbs., having leprosy, being chronically broke, having 46 live in cousins and their dogs – and wanting to have lots of kids together… A response will surely be entertaining! :p


Lori Randall


Hey Claire,
We get some of the very same moderation funnies in our blog comments too! Usually they’re spammers but sometimes, you can’t help but wish they weren’t because the comments are so nice!

Anyway, I’m excited to see you’ve signed up for the Social Media Day Meetup in Palo Alto– we’re excited to meet you! See you at Wildfire HQ! Stay tuned to that meetup page for updates with exact address and other forthcoming details. 🙂


Maya Grinberg


Maya, you are so right – they are always so complementary that you wish they were real, not machine-generated B.S. sent to any blog they can find…

I’m SO thankful that there will be a meetup in Palo Alto!




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