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[Blog down! (Temporarily)]

My site will be down on and off over the next few days while we move to a better hosting service and create a more secure installation. Naturally, there are a lot of good lessons in this.

I used to think a blog installation was “set it and forget it.”

So not true. Obviously, ways to improve blogs are cropping up all the time, especially integration with newer social media sites such as Pinterest. Then there are constant updates to themes (the design files), plug-ins (extra functions), and WordPress itself. Sometimes these pieces don’t play well together and you have to trouble shoot. And it’s important to manage backups and be vigilant about new security threats.

My current problem is that the hosting service, FatCow, is just too slow. After talking to blog experts and fans of my WagnerWrites Facebook page, I’ve learned that most site developers would never use them. The two that are most highly rated (through informal polls) are HostGator and BlueHost. I’ve decided to go with BlueHost.

You have to be willing to “get your geek on” if you want a successful blog.

When I need help with WagnerWrites, I call for some BlogAid. That’s the business of MaAnna Stephenson, the queen of WordPress technology. MaAnna is going to move my site to the new host and fix problems that seem to be host-related, including glitches with the backup system.

MaAnna  doesn’t just set up or fix blogs for us non-geeks, she teaches WordPress, too. I guess it’s like having a car. I don’t have to be a mechanic but I should understand the basics of how it runs and what it needs to stay in good condition. MaAnna is my blog mechanic. With her help, I can better understand problems and why they occur, even if I can’t fix everything myself.

So, after several months of procrastination, I’ve started the BlogAid WordPress video tutorial series. Right in the first 10 minutes, I learned about some nifty new features of the dashboard (where most of my work gets done) and ways to improve the commenting function. Now I’m excited about going through the rest of the series.

When this is all done, WagnerWrites will be faster and more secure than ever. As always, thanks for being here.

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Claire, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m thrilled to be getting your site on a better host!




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