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Social Media | May 10, 2010 | 0 Comments

[blogged to death]

[“your reading list has 1000+ unread items”]

Did you know that Google Reader stops counting your unread blogs, videos, and other RSS feeds after 1,000? What a fun social media fact.

This is going to be a short blog post because I am swamped. Maybe some of you have noticed that I didn’t post a blog last week. That is a huge “no-no” in blogging. You have to stay in regular touch with your readers or they’ll get bored and move on. You have to keep refreshing your content or the search engines will also get bored and move on.

My bad.

I also didn’t have time to read other people’s blogs, obviously. Or tweets or Facebook posts. And it seems nearly impossible to catch up. Or is it?

Frankly, a lot of content in social media is re-purposed. It’s called sharing. Today, in the short time I’ve been on line, I think I’ve seen at least 20 links to Betty White’s SNL appearance. (There, make that 21. This link has some interesting background, too.) I’m guessing there is about 20% repetition in my twitter stream. So if something is really popular, I’m going to see it sooner or later.

When I get behind, I go directly to the Twitter profiles of my favorite social media experts and bloggers. Everyone tweets links to their latest blogs, or anything they felt was interesting from somewhere else, so I can quickly find the best tips, trends, and news. Or industry gossip disguised as news.

Then I go back to Google Reader and scan the feeds by writer/group, starting with the most interesting contributors. It’s about priorities. It usually takes me a couple of sessions to get caught up, but eventually, I will.

I also missed some good webinars last week, but anything I’ve signed up for will be available in a podcast and/or transcript later. The folks who offer online courses don’t want scheduling hassles to get in the way of my learning—or paying.

It’s an always-on world and I try not to worry when I occasionally lose touch. What about you? Any tips for catching up? If you ever unplug, that is.

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