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[don’t quote me]

[unwisdom from Twitter]

Some lighter fare for Friday: an unedited compilation of quotes, aphorisms, advice, and spam from just a couple of days on Twitter. Hope it gives you a laugh. Or maybe you’ll actually learn something.

Inspiration and advice, completely free!

What’s your favorite from this awesome selection?

You’re cup must run over before you attempt to give away that which you do not have

Act upon ur own thoughts rather than reacting to the thoughts, actions and deeds of others.

You can’t keep a secret of your own forever, it will eventually drive you insane.

Drowning #deep within you is the only way to go. When my mind stops breathing your sweet love starts to flow.

Life is beautiful but in order to appreciate great things you have to experience bad things before that.

Giving is recognizing all the wants one has & giving them to those for whom those same material things are actual needs.

SARCASM: The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.

Kings and cabbages go back to compost, but good deeds stay green forever.

Being drunk does not enhance your reputation.

The time for action is now. Its never too late to do something.

Say the word ‘cake’ in this office and risk getting trampled in a stampede #workingwithwomen

I would rather be hated for what I am, than to be loved for what I am not.

When one is alone and depressed he should go and see his best friend not psychotherapist and save a ton of money.

How to Unplug: Read a Dr. Seuss Book

Trust that what disturbs you & cause you to suffer are not things & circumstances but the meanings

Listen! The new year has come and is moving along quickly. Stay focused and achieve your 2011 goals and objectives without distractions.

Free spam! (Links removed!)

Thank God I wasn’t fooled by any of this.

Top stuff My coworker is a complete liar-watch this video and you be the jury!

Thank you My landlord takes forever to fix anything..I documented on video.

Looking for a home based business? Opportunity is knocking! Answer the door!

YES! I am now an offcial Diablo three beta tester, you’ll be able to turn into one aswell here

If I need a lecture, I’ll call my mom.

Not really–my mom is very nice and never interferes in my life. But what gives these people the right?

Dont go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. (This is actually from Mark Twain.)

You either wanna be right or wanna be rich and wealthy, you cannot have both.

You never know when is your steady paycheck going to end and what are you gonna do then?

Life is too short so stop being a cry-baby and take responsibility for your actions, you are not a small girl/boy anymore…


BTW, I get tired of the continual punctuation and spelling mistakes on Twitter. Some people are (legitimately, I guess) trying to cram in more characters, some have no clue, and some just don’t care. How many mistakes do you count in this post? Including mine?

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Oooo, these are good! O.K., My favorites are:
“The time for action is now. Its never too late to do something.”
“I would rather be hated for what I am, than to be loved for what I am not.”
“You either want to be right or want to be rich and wealthy; you cannot have both.” (edited for spelling and grammatical correctness.)
Also for that last one, I have a video to go with it! It’s Tom Leher’s song, “Selling Out.”


Claire Wagner Reply:

Thanks – I’ll check out that video! (Good editing, BTW.)




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