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I wrote this post from the Samsung Blogger’s Lounge at SXSW in Austin. This place couldn’t be more different than my usual writing environment. And I loved it.

Is this what a press room is like?

I spend most of my work days in the spare bedroom of my quiet condo. When I really need to concentrate, I go to the library and hide in a study corral at the back of the third floor. Occasionally, I’ll go to a coffee house, but not when I need to concentrate on new material.

So what am I doing writing in a room full of other bloggers, many of whom are networking and drinking wine? Keyboards are clacking, chat is continuous, phones are ringing, and we even had the up-and-coming band, Atomic Tom, serenading us in the background. Yet I feel productive.

Is this what it’s like to work in a press room? I always wondered how old school news writers and editors got any work done.  I mean, they were packed together in smoke-filled rooms with people yelling and phones ringing for many years before noise-cancelling headphones were invented.

Newsrooms are still very chaotic places. Yet people produce incredible content there against deadlines that would make me cry. I don’t think even headphones would keep me on track there.

Today, however, it’s great to be with kindred spirits.

Right now, in a room full of writers and marketers, the vibe is just right: creative, supportive, exciting. But I should get up and do some more networking at some point.

What’s your favorite group setting for creative work?

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I was being a shameful swag swiping, beer sipping, info discovering attendee instead of writing! Interestingly, I might normally love that vibe but the pull of the Trade Show floor had me in its grip. Had to get out and discover!


Claire Wagner Reply:

Lori, some time I want to go over with you again the “guidelines” for who they give swag to. That was very interesting! I will definitely wear black next time but I can’t remember what else I’m supposed to be or do in order to get the good stuff.


My favorite is semi-noisy coffee houses. For all of my grad and undergrad work, I was always best with ambient noise surrounding me. Plus the availability of good coffee and snacks and the lack of distractions (just GOT to clean out that fridge!) was helpful.


Claire Wagner Reply:

You got that right about the petty distractions at home! I also forgot to mention the availability of electricity for my laptop. That was a huge factor in driving me to the Lounge. Everyone was scrambling for power at that conference – for laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.


Lisa H.-S.


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