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[fingers type the darndest things]

[true typo stories]

Late at night, while typing a website profile, I called myself a “conslutant” for about the 4,678th time. Exasperated, I wondered, “Do other people make persistent, annoyingly funny typos?” The answer: a resounding “Yes.”

For humorous crowdsourcing, my Facebook profile is golden.

Crowdsourcing is mass collaboration and a very hot trend in marketing. There are whole websites devoted to it. It’s a popular way of getting other people to do your work for you, as well as gathering market data without paying professionals to do research or run focus groups.

No! Did I say that?

Anyway, any question that has a possibility of involving humor will rouse my Facebook friends to action. Someone once commented that my friends are some of the fastest responders she has ever seen on anyone’s Wall. Yep, they believe in sharing early and often. And they are darn funny.

Here are some of the typos sourced from my “crowd.”

How about I just list the only thing I type correctly. “a” [Rapid response from another friend: “Jim, use ‘a’ in a sentence.”]

When I was in “graduate school” (ancient history), I kept typing “graduate stool.”

I got one for yah. “JEFFERSON COUNTY – All voters in one county casting their ballots by mail will find a mistake on their official ballot.” But the word “official” is spelled “offical.”

Teaching math, I once wrote “tird” rather than “third.” The class broke out laughing, and refused to tell me why…

Satan Claus

I’ve done so much talking and writing about gender that I can’t type general. It keeps coming out genderal.

‎”The Governor’s pen is a sword…” but they left out the space between “pen” and “is”. Apparently it was a headline in a local newspaper.

“Pubic” for “public. Gets their attention every time.

The worst ever? “In memory of Brain” (when it should have said Brian … talk about being brain dead!).

My most frequent sign-off to emails, “Warmly,” always comes out “Wamrly” … sigh …

Warning my mortgage clients about negative principle. Principal. Anyway, it’s the principal of the matter to watch the balance of your principle. Or not…

Funniest: Palo Alot, which started when I was paying high rent there.

And then there’s Palo Also…

Most annoying: typing my name wrong. [My response: “I thought I was the only one that regularly mistyped her name. Clarie Wanger. I HATE Wanger.”]

I just was trying to type “powers-that-be” and I realized that I’d typed “posers-that-be”… Could be the same thing.  I’m just saying…

Bonus: my all-time favorite Twitter typo.

I first mentioned this on a previous blog, [more wit than twit]. It appeared in March 2010 and came from a very well-known social media expert:

See you at Testical SF tomorrow? #engage #twestival

My guess is that he was tweeting from an iPhone and the spell checker changed “Twestival” automatically.

Do you make repeated typos? Any theories about why they persist? I mean, other than autocorrect on your iPhone?

P.S. This post was originally titled “I’m a conslutant,” but WordPress would not accept that word in either the title or subtitle!

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This is truly a gem! Just received an email from a friend full of newspaper headline typos such as: “Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over,” or “Kids Make Healthy Snacks.”


Ha! My name is also Claire and people spell it “Clarie” all the time. I mean, that’s not even a real name, is it? And forget about my last name. No hope there. At least it’s easy to pronounce.


Claire Wagner Reply:

…and we persevere, keeping our good manners in the face of total ignorance and bad spelling! Ha. My husband’s last name is Ashley and when someone remarked about how strange it was as a last name, I snottily replied, “It was always a last name until the latter half of the 20th century.” Then she reminded me about Ashley Wilkes of “Gone With the Wind,” and I was so embarrassed!


Claire Tompkins


Made me chuckle, I have been leaving “pubic” comments on other people’s blogs!


Claire Wagner Reply:

A friend totally “punked” me today by calling to complain about the rude things I’d written on my blog. Then she started quoting some of the statements from this post. I actually didn’t catch on until she started laughing herself!


Nicky Kriel


Whenever I type ‘nursery’ into my iphone, up pops ‘misery’ instead … is this a sign?


Claire Wagner Reply:

Perhaps it depends on whether “nursery” relates to your job or not–?!


Ann Wright


leaving a text for son i typed “be dareful” instead of “be careful.” he took it as a challenge.


Claire Wagner Reply:

Martine, I hope he was OK! Another example of how hard parents try to accomplish something and frequently get the opposite result…


martine hunter


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