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[Google+: Something’s Gotta Give]

Google+ has crashed the social media party. Naturally, there’s a good deal of speculation about what it will push off the cliff–with predictions about the end of everything from Facebook to blogging to email. But I’m wondering what’s going to give way in my own online world.

Soon after Google+ launched, I got an invite and began experimenting.

I’m not much of an early adopter but I got invited by Justin Stone-Diaz, an online pal and mentor. Proud to be among the second (or third or fourth) wave of G+ers, I immediately started without much information and no strategy. I’ve since found hundreds of posts and blogs with advice, though I’m still figuring  it out.

Quick tips: Google usage cheat sheet and Getting Started with Google+ and Circles

Two weeks later, I wonder: What the heck am I doing?

In addition to my Google+ profile, I work with four very different communities on Facebook (WagnerWrites, The Working Chronicles, Metier Marketing Communications, and First Unitarian Church of San Jose) and two accounts on Twitter (WagnerWrites and TheWorkingChronicles). I show up on LinkedIn and tumblr but I’ve abandoned Quora and Amplify because I didn’t like the interfaces or the interactions. I should do more with my YouTube channel. I also have two email accounts.

I think writer Tracy Mayor said it best: Thanks, Google+, for my digital meltdown

If you’re on the edge—or over the edge–of social media burnout, I recommend this blog post by Ephraim Gopin for perspective and advice. Beth Kanter has also posted good reminders about “hype cycles” and “Shiny Object Syndrome.” As she says, we seem to be in a social network arms race. But so many influential people are loving G+, so I have to be there, too.

As John Haydon said in a recent blog about Google+,

People use social media to connect with other people, not technology. When was the last time you felt truly understand and appreciated by your laptop?

This is my plan for now: listen and learn.

For now, Google+ will be more of a professional listening post and I’ll only share on a limited basis. I’ll continue to interact with friends and family on Facebook, where everyone I know is really enjoying themselves and has no intention of leaving. LinkedIn is another  essential platform and I haven’t seen anything in Google+ that signals an eclipse of the top professional social network. And of course I have no intention of short-changing this blog.

So what’s going to give? Most likely Twitter and tumblr. How about you?


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I totally appreciate the feeling that there’s only so much time for social networks in one’s life! Like you, all of my friends/family are on Facebook, so I continue to have this ‘divided reality’ where work postings live on some networks, and personal life on others. I was hoping that eventually Google + would help with that.

And yes, I can totally associate with Tracy Mayor’s meltdown!


Claire Wagner Reply:

Anne, I just feel like it’s going to get worse before it gets better!


Anne Janzer


SO sorry to hear you are considering shedding some social media channels.

I’m seeing this alot with the additon of Google Plus in people’s lives but I am actually having the exact OPPOSITE experience.

All Plus is doing is bringing the entire suite of Google’s tools together with a social element. (Notice Google Labs has Closed..)

If you were a power Google user it’s a dream come true- My email contact database has never been more accurate & useful- but to those not immersed in their models it can be a bit confusing.

I blame the Mega Marketeers for jumping on Google Plus & attempting to dominate the platform with their ideas of it’s use.

Google Plus has helped me connect with my existing network & begin to see their content again. Deeper engagement seems to flow from the stored News Feed Model.

My advice is get on and focus on using it as a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform and stick with the tools you already use for network growth & communication.

You’ll be surprised how things start to flow from there.

With the advanced Contacts functionality & Tools Google Plus has allowed me to ditch my expensive


Claire Wagner Reply:

Wow, Justin. This is great practical advice. I should learn more about the contacts functionality because that is an area where I lack focus and skill. All of my work comes from personal referrals so I mainly look to social media for ideas about how to improve my work, not for customers. But regardless, my contacts info is all over the place and you’ve reminded me to put this project closer to the front! Thanks.




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