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[happy blogiversary]

[wagnerwrites is a year old]

I had a nagging thought in my head this week about how long I’d actually been blogging. I went through the archives on my site and found that today, March 24, is the one-year anniversary of WagnerWrites a Blog.

You can read my first post here. It still rings true, but like all other aspects of my life, it’s a work in progress. Coincidentally, I came came upon this excellent post today, Overcoming Blogger Fright. It advocates a slow, careful approach to starting a blog, which I followed without even knowing it was the right way.

What’s the fail rate of small blogs like this? I don’t know, but the first year of business blogging is hard. Fortunately, I had a lot of encouragement from clients, colleagues, and friends and I owe a debt of thanks to my online mentors: Kommein, Social Media Design, Justin Stone-Diaz, Pushing Social, Diary of a Mad Freelancer, Brian Solis, Danny Brown, Spin Sucks, and the ubiquitous Chris Brogan. I don’t intend to give up yet!

I have a relatively small audience but they’re devoted. They don’t comment a lot but they regularly remind me in person that they enjoy (and occasionally learn from) my posts. Marketers will try to tell you that blogging, tweeting, and Facebook are just numbers games, but in fact the relationships are the best part of the experience.

I write about what I do for a living. I don’t have a strictly defined niche because my work cuts a wide swath through the world of freelancing: writing, marketing, and social media for corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. I’m proud of all of these capabilities, but it does make my work hard to classify sometimes.

I also write about who I am and why I do what I do. Some people call this “personal branding.” It’s a very hot topic with consultants, freelancers, and job seekers. But it’s nothing new. It’s just about getting to know the person who might write your next brochure or fundraising letter. Now that I blog, you have more ways to figure out who I am. Of course, we could also meet up or talk on the phone any time. You’ll get me pretty quickly. And I have a very large body of work and client testimonials to represent my abilities.

If you read this blog, don’t forget to “like” WagnerWrites on Facebook, too. A few times a week, I post interesting commentary and links about business, writing, and social media. Feel free to comment and share.

You know why I’m here. Now share a comment on why you’re here. And thanks for hanging out with me this year.

Photo credit: Me with A-List blogger Brian Solis at SXSW.
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More Blog power to you! I wouldn’t know what to do but you have my admiration.




Yay! Happy bloggigersary, Claire. I am so happy and enriched from meeting you online and off, and from reading your blog. I’m looking forward to more good stuff from you in the future.


Claire Wagner Reply:

Thanks, my friends. I’m happy to still be here in this little corner of the Internet!


Deb Ng


Congrats on the one year, you’re an inspiration to us all. Being in a similar field, I feel like part of your virtual community by reading your blog. Thanks, and keep it up!


Anne Janzer


As always, I enjoyed your to-the-point post and authentic voice. Happy blogday to you! May you enjoy many more years of sharing your world with an appreciative audience!!


Patty Eaton


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