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Homelessness: What do you know?

What do you really know about homelessness? A new series of photo essays will show you what it’s really like here – and how it stands in such stark contrast to the lifestyles of Silicon Valley’s rich and famous.

On Friday, published an EPIC series of articles and photo essays about homelessness in Silicon Valley. As I write this, I’ve spent an entire afternoon going through the photos and articles. But they are well worth the time. Many of them feature my organization, EHC LifeBuilders, which was instrumental in bringing the journalist, Robert Johnson, to San Jose’s encampments.

He even included an excellent essay on our outreach workers, which is the largest team of its kind in Silicon Valley and interestingly, all women who were formerly homeless. It’s amazing to me to see so many people I know – staff and clients – on a national stage.

This is one of my favorite excerpts:

Despite Silicon Valley’s remarkable wealth, talent, and inventions, the Valley has also failed to meet all of its residents’ most basic needs, starting with food and shelter. The Valley, in fact, is home to the largest homeless camp in the continental United States, which is located in a middle-class neighborhood in San Jose.

That statement accompanies an infographic about the great income divide.

What I want to know is, what stories and facts surprise you? The child prodigy? The teacher? The two working mothers? The veteran? The widening income gap? The hope? The despair? There is so much to learn here. Please look and share.


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