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[Imagineering new communications]

Last week I began work on a brochure that will also become available from iTunes as an app. Clearly my field is changing, and I’m glad to change with it.

Business communications definitely aren’t static any more.

The project’s clients—engineers working for a technology company—told us that their customers are dedicated tablet users. They like to digest white papers, brochures, and other materials on their iPads, Galaxy tabs, and similar devices.  We were asked to produce a basic printed piece and then turn it into a multi-dimensional app by adding interactivity, active links, and video.

As the team started to talk about possibilities for additional content in the app, it occurred to me that this was almost like composing a mini-website.  The possibilities were rich and exciting, and eventually the project manager had to stop us from brainstorming about the cool app elements and re-focus on nailing down the foundational content for the boring old printed brochure.

To create these in-demand, tablet-optimized communications, lots of designers are using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. If you go to the gallery on their site, you can see many cool examples. Most are magazines but one publication from Deloitte is a white paper or brochure. Or both? Or neither. The lines are getting blurred.

The most beautiful sample I reviewed was a catalog for “Material Worlds,” an art exhibition by Sotheby’s at Sudeley Castle. If you have a minute, take a look to see the possibilities for more beautiful, impactful communication.

In the future, maybe everything we write will become an app. I think that’s an exciting possibility.

Image: gurdonark on flickr.

Author: Claire Wagner

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This is interesting, thanks for posting it. I’d love to see the result – will I need an iPad to read it? I guess it’s time to go get one…


Anne Janzer


Yes – get an iPad or another tablet! I’ll let you know when the app is available.


Claire Wagner


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