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[like mother, like daughter]

[or not]

My youngest daughter, Lucie, is a talented writer. But she recently decided to give it up because she’s tired of being on deadline.

You may inherit the writing gene, but you don’t have to make a career with it.

In my recent post, [the writing gene], I talked about the writers in my family and speculated on whether writing talent is inherited. Then friends pointed out that I forgot to mention my daughter is the news editor for the De Anza College newspaper, La Voz Weekly. We recently attended a visit of the Dalai Lama together, and this is her article for the paper. I thought it was excellent, of course.

In addition to a full-time class load and working every weekend, Lucie attends newspaper Ed Board meetings once a week and stays at school two nights a week past midnight working on production of the paper. Sometimes she trouble-shoots on Fridays when it’s supposed to go to print. This is in addition to the time she spends assigning and editing stories.

Journalism is a daily grind. But is it worse than professional copywriting?

My first reaction when I heard about Lucie’s renouncement of journalism: “Deadlines got you down? Wimp.” But I rarely have daily deadlines–at least not until I started in social media. Maybe I’ll feel differently after another year of writing regular blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets for clients as well as for my own business.

Moral of the story: if you don’t have a passion for writing, don’t do it.

This rule applies to any creative endeavor. If you can’t do it with enthusiasm, you will grow to hate it and hate yourself. I’m just glad Lucie realized her true feelings before finishing a university degree in a field she doesn’t want to make a career in after all.

FYI, I don’t have a degree in Journalism, English, Creative Writing, or anything related to writing. I have a B.A. in Economics. Go figure.

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Hey, I never said I didn’t like writing. In fact I love writing and I would go so far as to say I love editing too. I am however a product of the ADD generation and my attention span for things that don’t interest me is dismally short. I can of course write rather well even if i’m not amused but it’s not at all satisfying. Plus, I started journalism with the goal of becoming a foreign correspondent, later realizing i wasn’t down with years of working up the later working in a cubicle at Palo Alto Weekly, getting people coffee, having no free time at home and competing for the ever dwindling prestigious journalism jobs. I would rather venture out sooner, work to help people and hopefully freelance once i’ve established myself (Though starting a coffee shop and writing creatively is my backup plan).


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