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I’ve just launched a Facebook page for my business persona, WagnerWrites. “Like” it or not, I’m into social media big time now.

I resisted this for a long time despite being a strong proponent of social media for larger businesses and nonprofits. These were my main reasons:

  1. I’m just a freelance writer. I don’t have anything to sell but my work, and I work primarily with long-time clients who already know me quite well. I don’t try to get business from the web. (More on that in an upcoming blog.)
  2. I love Facebook as a personal social networking platform. I’m not really sure how to be a business on Facebook.
  3. It could take a lot of additional time to manage another social media outlet/profile.

However, I’ve already “ghost written” Facebook posts for clients. I’ve frequently interacted on the FB pages of other businesses and freelancers I want to support. And I do love social networking as a concept.

In the end, my curiosity and professional interest won out.

I was smart and got a consultant, Lori Randall Stradtman of Social Media Design (look for her on Facebook, too). She set up the page and taught me how to connect it to my blog and Twitter account for a truly integrated social media presence. I also hooked it up myself to my HootSuite dashboard, which saves a lot of time in posting to, and monitoring, the page. Lori will also be there in the future to coach me and help with the sticky technical issues that Facebook The Corporation tends to throw at page owners on a weekly basis.

I also read a great post by the very popular blogger, Deborah Ng, regarding her previous hesitation about Facebook and her own change of heart. If you are on the fence, too, I recommend it.

In the end, I am my business. I am a brand. And brands are becoming very successful on Facebook.

I don’t yet know what “Facebook success” looks like for me, but I’m off to figure it out. Right now, my plans involve resources and musings on writing, creativity, blogging and social media, and a few surprises. I hope you’ll Like, Comment, and Share on my page, which you can easily access from the right sidebar here on my blog.

When you show up on the page, let me know what you’d like to see more or less of. This page is not an advertisement–it is a place to share and to build community.

Yes, I actually believe that.

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