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Reading for charity

Charitable giving is evolving as fast as people can tweet, text, post, or publish. And thanks to very energetic and philanthropic friends, I’m now a published author with contributions in two anthologies produced to benefit very worthy causes.

Do you cook? Do you care about the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Then you’ll want “Tasty with A Side of Tacky: Southern wit, wisdom and eats to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.” This cookbook is “a compilation of over 60 recipes by 37 published authors, food bloggers, and business people from all over the world who want to show their love and support by sharing their tasty recipes.” It was conceived and compiled by Lori Randall Stradtman, the author of Online Reputation Management for Dummies, and published with the help of Heather Claus. My recipes are “Party Potatoes” and “The Kitchen Sink Sandwich.” Hint: these tend more toward “tacky.”

Do you like boobs? Do you care about breast cancer victims?

Hopefully that was the most provocative subhead I’ll ever write for this blog…in 2011, Princess Jones Curtis published “Boob Stories,”  which is “an anthology of personal anecdotes about breasts,” for which “writers from all over the world contributed their time and work at no cost so the entire proceeds from the sale of this book could benefit charities that work with breast cancer patients and survivors.”  I contributed a true story about a bra fitting party I hosted in my home. My friends and I still laugh about that.

These are two more reasons I love the Kindle. Please order copies for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other reason. Thanks for your support!


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