Black Hat SEO - Seriously?!

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Silly vs Effective SEO

Why SEO Tricks Will Never Replace Great Content

Just today I met with a client who’s been spending quite a lot every month on a service that’s supposed to be really boosting search engine optimization.  In case you weren’t sure, search engine optimization (SEO) is how close to the top of the list you page goes when somebody searches your keywords on Google.  The closer your page is to the top of the list, the better.

My client is very intelligent, hard working, and had been given some very compelling reasons to keep his SEO subscription going every month.  Until he did a search for his business this morning and found it on the second page of the Google rankings.  His business is prominent in the community and should have showed up above the fold, if not first.  Instead, sites for relatively unknown, tiny businesses were above his on the search.

How did this happen?

My client currently owns a static site. (Please see Pimp My Ride and Anatomy of a Fresh Blog: Part I for any questions on types of sites.)  It’s quite beautiful, but it’s a few years old and blogging hadn’t taken off for business at that time.  Now it’s all the rage because Google loves, loves, loves them and fresh blog entries drive up SEO like nothing else.  And you can have the most wonderful site in the world, but if nobody sees it … How much good does it do?

Besides, what business owner wants to ask their web manager for changes, wait for the resulting proposal, approve the price, wait for the revisions, etc., etc., etc.  Your promotion could be dead and gone before news of it even gets online via your very own site!  With a blog site you can immediately make changes, add videos, pictures, etc., and inform people about what’s new – right away and without costing a dime.

Silly SEO Completely Relies on “Tricks” of the Trade

I love ethical tips and tricks for SEO.  Use lots of them for me and my clients.  But relying on tricks alone is a little like being out of shape and wearing spanx.  They help, but it’s clear you’re not in top form.

Effective SEO Blends Know-How with Fresh Content

Nothing takes the place of posting regularly.  Google knows only too well about all the tricks of the trade and continually updates their secret search algorithms to keep people from abusing them with misleading content. Real live, actual blog posts can’t be beat for winning Google’s heart and getting seen online.  Now that you can have a web site and a blog all together and wrapped up with a bow, it costs a lot of money NOT to redesign.

My client is not only going to make a lot more money via his site this year with the new strategy we’re devising, he’s going to save a ton on SEO services that can’t keep his business on the first page.

It makes me so happy to be able to help him save lots of money and take control over his site without having to spend anything every time he wants to update or add news.  Today was a very good day. 🙂


Lori Randall is an online marketing strategist specializing in Social Media and WordPress sites. She often asks, “What truth about your brand makes your heart pound? Then work it!”

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