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Blog | Mar 22, 2013 | 2 Comments

So Long, Feedburner – Please Resubscribe

Google announced it is shutting down Reader, the popular RSS feed manager. People seem to think Feedburner is next. If you originally subscribed to this blog via email with Feedburner, please resubscribe over in the right sidebar.

I’ve used Reader for years to manage my personal blog subscriptions. I wasn’t alone in being upset. Google’s action spawned millions of angry tweets, blog posts, and videos, and an online petition. In Still Hope for Google Reader Today, Lori Randall Stradtman linked to the hilarious Hitler video (which uses footage from the Tarantino movie, “Inglorious Bastards”) and the petition. I’m not bothering to sign it; I think resistance is futile.

On the advice of colleagues, I switched my personal feeds to Feedly. I heard rumors that Feedly was ready when the Google announcement was made, adding more servers and implementing an automatic conversion. In fact, the transition was seamless and I like the friendly, open interface of Feedly better. It looks like a modern app, not some legacy software program from the 1990s.

Then I had to figure out what to do about Feedburner. When this blog was created, Feedburner was the original subscription service.  I have newer subscribers through FeedBlitz (not owned by Google). My WordPress guru, MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid, has been predicting Feedburner’s demise for months and published an excellent report, the Ultimate Feedburner Alternatives Guide. I’ll admit it – I read her guide and then opted for the lowest tech solution: adding the JetPack WordPress plugin and asking you to resubscribe using the new “widget” at the top of the right sidebar where it says “Subscribe Via Email.” You only need to do this if you subscribed with Feedburner. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

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So glad to see you make the switch early, Claire. I think there will be folks scrambling to regain their traffic this mo th when Google Reader goes down. This way you’ll be set when they eventually shut down Feedburner too.


Claire Wagner Reply:

@MaAnna, I wouldn’t have done it without a push from you. Thanks for being there!




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