Last week, I attended the “501(c)(3) Book Club” discussion of Beth Kanter’s The Networked Nonprofit, generously hosted by Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. One of my key take-aways came from co-presenter John Kenyon, who explained how nonprofits should actually begin building a social media strategy.

I summed up John’s main point in the video above. (Sorry – you’ll need to turn up the volume on your speaker.) John also said he would ask any organization these questions before he would help them launch a social media program:

Your website is still your communications hub. That plus your traditional means of communication are “meat and potatoes.” Social media is just dessert.

This is my first video blog. Thanks to Amanda Holder of Community Foundation of Monterey County for the filming. Next time I promise to find a quieter room or to speak up!

Author: Claire Wagner

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