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Social Services Referrals Everyone Should Know

I know you’re not a social worker. But chances are unfortunately very good that someone you know is having trouble and needs a social services referral.

The call came on a Thursday morning out of the blue, from a school district employee in the north of Santa Clara County. She was concerned about a high school kid who lives in a homeless shelter with his mother. He has had a very troubled childhood, largely due to mom’s mental illness and resulting instability. A while back, the family had received a lot of help from someone at my agency and they wanted to talk to her again, urgently.

I was pretty sure that the name she gave me is someone who no longer works for us. And I also knew that we no longer have the program she worked in. (Funding changes are constant in the nonprofit sector, which can be very frustrating for everyone.) I said I’d call her back then checked around and confirmed my suspicions. This employee hadn’t worked for us for at least five years. I called our current director of family programs about an outside referral, and then remembered that she was on vacation. So I decided to figure it out on my own.

Lately, I’ve gotten several calls from volunteers or random folks like this school district employee asking about how to help people in trouble. I’ve decided to develop my own referral list and now I’ll share it with you.

Don’t feel helpless when people are in trouble. Be prepared.

What numbers and organizations would you add?



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