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[things I will and won’t miss about Europe]

This is just for fun – take a break and share your thoughts with us. Have you traveled overseas recently? What did you like, and what were you glad to leave behind? Here’s my list.

Things I won’t miss in Europe.

 Things I will miss about Europe.

Got complaints or compliments about Europe? Please share them in the comments.

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Don’t miss – addtion to “toilets”: grouchy old lady who makes you pay…is supposed to keep the place clean…but doesn’t.

Will miss: I’m with you on the cafes & walking thing. Add: Great public transportation – within cities, in-between cities. You name it.


Claire Wagner Reply:

Lisa, thanks for backing me up. And you are right about the transportation. We especially enjoyed the great train ride between Edinburgh and London.


Lisa Hettler-Smith


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