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[two amazing letters]

Yesterday, I received two thank you letters from nonprofits that so surprised and delighted me that I had to share them with you. These experiences reinforce the power of making personal connections with donors–and bloggers.


Remember the American Writers Museum?

If you haven’t had a chance to read the post [honoring great writers], consider taking a look now. Toward the end, there is information about a new American Writers Museum. The Museum isn’t built yet, but is envisioned as a place where children and adults alike can “stroll through American history in the company of distinguished writers.”

I made a donation to their foundation and received this personal thank you with a nod to my blog entry. That is a demonstration of good social media skills: having the tools to track mentions of your organization AND taking the time to acknowledge a blogger who writes about you.



Remember Sunday Friends?

You can read more about their touching donor letters in [nonprofit thank yous]. Yesterday, another packet of beautiful drawings and notes arrived, but this time with an additional letter from the founder.

Janis took the time to let me know that a case statement I’d written last year had played an important role in their expansion to a second site. For any nonprofit consultant, this kind of acknowledgement is golden. (Frame-able, even.)

Our relationship  is also an example of how vendors and contractors can turn into long-term supporters, although when you work in the nonprofit sector, you can run out of cash quickly if you support everyone you work for!

What’s your favorite donor thank you?

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Thanks for sharing those lovely, personalized thanks. Not a bad practice for our lives in general, so thank you for writing this blog that is always thoughtful and makes me look at things just a little differently.


Claire Wagner Reply:

You are very welcome – I’m so glad to provide something to think about.


Anne Janzer


This is wonderful Claire!!! I love that they took the time and attention to send you these coveted letters. It shows they were not only smart enough to hire you, but also smart enough to retain your enthusiastic support!

Thanks for sharing this upbeat, powerful post!


Claure Wagner Reply:

Thanks, Lori. I’m glad to offer some inspiration!


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