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[what have I done for you lately?]

Blogging isn’t about the writer, it’s about the readers. That would be you. This seemed like a good time for me to ask for input about the kinds of posts you’d like to read here in the future. What would you like to know about communications and fundraising?

Here’s a list of your favorite posts so far, based on the number of comments.*

[six rules of writing]

[writers and coffee]

[introducing the semicolon]

[online fundraising: there’s no quick fix]

[fingers type the darndest things]

[magnet vs. missionary]

[wise engagement]

[does blogging pay?]


I’m not sure I see a pattern here. So instead of making me guess, leave a comment with a suggestion for future topics. Thanks!

*Yes, there are other ways to measure the popularity and effectiveness of a blog post, but they are complicated and I’m moving this week. Again.

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