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[what’s your story?]

[wanted: careers in transition]

Take a minute and think about your career. You’re an ordinary person, right? But you’ve probably had a very interesting ride in the workplace, with unexpected, frustrating, and serendipitous twists and turn. Of course, this all makes for good stories. Which you ought to share.

Career transition is a hot topic in today’s economy.

The Working Chronicles is the only blog dedicated to real-life stories about work in 21st century America. Our editorial team is focusing on career transition for the first part of this year. Until March 18, we’re accepting reader submissions of stories about career transitions. Not a tough assignment: just 1,000 words or fewer. Read the the submissions plan on our site to learn more.

Your story is just as interesting as anybody else’s.

We invite you to browse the stories on the blog if you haven’t read them before. Some people have extraordinary jobs (like the grandma private eye or the reality TV star), and many have ordinary jobs, or are even unemployed or retired. But all of the storytellers wanted to reflect on the meaning of work in their lives, and they have something to teach us–just like you. Your story and your voice will be different, and that’s OK. (Also, most of these chronicles are longer than the submission length.)

Of course, we would also love to have interviews if you know someone else who’s been through an interesting career change. Get a pen, keyboard, or tape recorder and let ’em talk. (The submissions plan has a little advice about this, too.)

Write about it. You know you want to.

March 18 is a little more than a month away. Get going! If after reading the submissions plan, you have any questions, go to our Facebook page and post them. We’ll get back to you shortly.

FYI, we can’t print every submission, so our judges will select from the group. And I’m not a judge, so don’t worry!

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Claire, you’re always emphasizing the power of story. Now all the A-listers like Jay Baer are echoing this.

So…. even though I think my story’s weird and probably boring… I will put something together for my About Page and to submit to The Working Chronicles.

Everybody should consider doing it, if for nobody but themselves to reflect on their experiences in perhaps a different way than before. From an objective standpoint.

Thanks for the powerful kick in the pants!! 😀


Claire Wagner Reply:

Lori, you have one of the most interesting career stories ever. We need to hear from people like you who are not afraid to reinvent themselves. You are a continuing inspiration to me and I’m so grateful for your support!


Lori Randall Stradtman Reply:

Omigosh!! *blushes* And here I felt like a Dweeb for not having a perfectly linear, preplanned career path and gray pinstripe suit. Sort of. It would never fit for long.


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